General rules:

  • All games will start promptly at 18:30. The tournament director reserves the right to shorten the time control for the first round of a tournament, due to registration delays.
  • All players are to supply their own chess clocks.
  • The pairings will be calculated on the Wednesday at 18:00 prior to the round being played. The pairings will be available on the club website. If you would like to receive the pairings by email please send a request to moc.liamg|bulcssehcep#moc.liamg|bulcssehcep.
  • It is the player's responsibility to contact the club if he/she can not play a round. A player must do so before the pairings are calculated (see abobe). If a player fails to do so he/she will not be included for further rounds of the specific tournament unless he/she notifies the club and a R50 re-entry fee is paid.
  • The club reserves the right to withhold entry into the A-section of the Club Championship from players who are in disrepute.

Membership fees for 2008:

  • Seniors - R420 (includes CHESSA (R120) and Diaz Club (R120))
  • Juniors (A Section) - R360 (includes CHESSA (R60) and Diaz Club (R50))
  • Juniors (B Section) - R160 (includes CHESSA (R60) and Diaz Club (R50))
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